3 Easy Steps: An Email Follow Up System for 700% Improvement

“Email Follow Up Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult…”

How often do you send email follow up to prospects?  Once?  Two or three times?

If You Don't Use Email Follow Up in Your Business, You Might as Well Just Lie Down!

Most of us are probably familiar with the stat that says most sales happen after 6 or 9 “touches” with a prospect, yet do you have a simple, effective, repeatable SYSTEM for following up that many times?

Here’s how to set one up…

Step #1: Brainstorm

Create a list of 6-12 questions that you get asked all the time about your products or services.  Think about the questions that your prospects SHOULD be asking when they are trying to decide how to buy.  Make a list of at least 6 but you really ought to have no problem coming up with 12, or even more.


Step #2: Answer

Now create concise answers  – write as if you are creating a blog article for each question.


Step #3: Set up an autoresponder

Use an autoresponder such as Swiftpage or MailChimp or Constant Contact to create a “drip campaign” that automatically sends your email follow ups with each of your questions and answers to your list(s) each week.


By implementing these three steps and being diligent to add every prospect into the system, you can see a 7x increase in new sales.  Once you set this system up, there’s little more to do.  It will continue to reap benefits for years to come.

Commit. Do it.  Today.


PS – If you want to “kick it up a notch”, check out SendOutCards.com and add an offline follow up to the mix!

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