5 Remedies to Beat the Marketing Deadbeat in You!

  • Have you ever bought and read a marketing book, but never acted on any of it?
  • Is marketing merely something that you think about?
  • Are accidental referrals a major part of your marketing “plan”?

Sounds like you might be a marketing deadbeat!

We all have some of it in us.

I am currently enrolled in a marketing coaching program for service professionals – which has been great in moving me away from the “dead-beat” end of the scale and more toward the “active marketer” status.

Here are 5 things you can DO to beat down the dead-beat in you:

1. Create a marketing support group with some friends and meet weekly.  Perhaps you all buy a copy of a great marketing book and work through it together chapter by chapter.

2. Create a “mastermind” group by phone.  As above, but hold your meetings via teleconference.

3. Hire someone who will hold you accountable to your goals.  Maybe they are specifically a marketing mentor, maybe not, but they clearly know what your goals are and can give you the nudge to keep moving forward.

4. Promise someone you respect that you will take specific, weekly actions.  Put something of value on the agreement.  If you fail, you give them the pledge.  Put it in writing.  Make the pledge big enough that it will hurt so you are motivated to keep your promise!

5. Write down all the reasons you are inactive in your marketing.  Apply the 4-question Byron Katie process on each. Be honest with yourself.  Acknowledge you are lying to yourself about these “reasons”.   Replace them with more empowering thoughts.

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