5 Things You can Do to Make Your Blog Actually Generate Results

John Paul Aguiar’s blog often offers interesting insights on turning your blog efforts from merely a semi-frustrated vanity project into a business tool.  His latest post provides action steps to take to get off the “Blogging Hamster Wheel”.  His full article is here, but I will offer some highlights that I really liked.

Blogging Works, But You Have To Read the Signs

Blogging Works When You Approach Like Felling A Tall Tree

#1:  If something is not  getting results – face it, and move on, try something new.

#2: Writing a post is not enough – the job ain’t done!  You’ve got to write it and then promote it!  Share it, bookmark it, submit it, video it!

#3: Social Media is NOT the only place to promote.  Post comments on others’ blogs, write a press release, do a podcast

#4: Don’t get hung up on “needing to know everything” before starting.  You likely know enough – so get started.

#5:  (This one is mine.)  Look around at what others’ are doing, and emulate what you like and what is working.  I didn’t say copy, I said emulate – take the idea and make it yours.

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  1. John Paul
    6 years ago

    thanks for including my post. 🙂

    • MScott821
      6 years ago

      You bet! You offer great insights and encouragement.

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