Blogging For Results: 2 Simple Ideas to Guarantee More Readers

If your intent in blogging is to go about it with a specific result in mind, here are a couple of things that make blogging for results easier.

Blogging for Results, Question #1:  Do I know what my intended result is?

Blogging for Results Doesn't Have to Feel Like you are Building the Wall

Blogging for results is not nearly as challenging as building the wall of China, but it can feel that way sometimes. These simple tips can remove alot of the difficultyis?

If you are not clear on what your outcome should look like,  how can you accurately tell if you’re getting there?  In other words, what is the primary purpose of your blog?  Is it about sharing your voice with the world?  Is it about helping others learn how to do something?  Is it about driving visitors to ultimately become customers?

Your blogging efforts may be about a combination of things, but in any case, what your intention is will – or should – direct you in the type of articles you want to write.

Blogging for Results, Question #2:  What is the one keyword phrase I am targeting for this post?

If you are writing your posts with no clear idea as to how your potential readers are looking for this type of information, you are wasting a lot of time.  It’s akin to the old “throw it against the wall and see what sticks”.

Do some keyword research, log the ones you want to use in your inbound marketing journal (you do have one don’t you?) and then write to that phrase.  A few quick tips on maximizing your results with this:  have the phrase in the post title, the post URL, the first paragraph of the content and in the meta description.

There is an awesome SEO plugin you should install in your WordPress blog by YOAST – get it here.  This will help you make sure you do everything conceivable for us mere SEO mortals.


Lastly, you have to write! 

One of the other key things you should be logging in your inbound marketing journal is article ideas.  This will make it easy to overcome the “What am I gonna write about?” trap.

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  1. Colleen
    5 years ago

    Evernote is a quick and easy way to swipe info, stash, and organize as you find inspiration along the way.

    • MScott821
      5 years ago

      Evernote is really handy because not only do you have access to your “stuff” on your PC or Mac, it also is available on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. And they all synch between themselves seemlessly.

  2. M Scott
    5 years ago

    Another helpful thing to have is a calendar – make a notation of when you publish your articles and check it against changes in your Alexa rank.

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