Keys to Unlocking Your Inbound Marketing Strategy for Your Business:

Slides from the “Cloud Strategies Revolution” seminar series held at the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, August 2012 to January 2013.

Once You Have Created Your Inbound Marketing Strategy - It Becomes Much Easier than Farming

Your website doesn’t have to be blown by the winds of the internet’s whim. Take control of your online destiny by establishing a well thought out inbound marketing strategy.


Session 1:   “The Rise of the Cloud and  22 Things You Can Do Now for Your Business”, held in August


Session 2:  “Creating Your Unstoppable Inbound Marketing Machine”, held in September


Session 3:  “You Live or Die By CRM (Customer Relationship Management)!”, held in October


Session 4:  “Creating Reach Through Intelligent Email Campaigns”, held in November


Session 5:  The Rise of the Tablet & Advanced WordPress Concepts, held in December


Session 6:  “Getting Yourself Set Up So that You Can Track Your Online Results“, held in January


Colleen and I want to thank you for being with us over the course of these months.  We wish you all great success on your online projects.

M. Scott Schaffernoth, CC
Managing Director, CRM Success Plans
Founder, Inbound Marketing Fellowship

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