Creating Google Adwords Campaigns That Cost Less and Deliver Better Traffic, Part 1

If you are considering your first go-round at creating a Google Adwords campaign, I have some tips for you that can really help you improve your results while also lowering your cost-per-click.

Already had some Google Adwords experience?  Don’t be too quick to pass on this article – you might learn a thing or two that will help boost your click through rates too!

Creating More Effective Google Adwords Tip #1: Don’t stuff a bunch of loosely related keywords into one ad.  More is not better when it comes to selecting keywords for an ad.  As an example, one of our clients provides roofing services.  They put on metal roofs, they repair flat roofs, and they offer spray foam insulation installation.  All of these services are indeed loosely coupled, and it comes as no surprise that one company would offer all of these services.  That said, if I am in need of a flat roof repair, I am not going to want to see ads that reference metal roof installation.  The more relevant you ads to the search, the happier Google will be to you and the more relevant traffic you will receive.  Create multiple ads and break the keywords out.  This leads to our next tip.


Creating More Effective Google Adwords Tip #2: Do not just dump your traffic at your “home page”.  Do not make your visitors have to hunt for where the relevant info is.  Think about yourself:  When you click on a search result listing – Adwords or organic – and you come to a page which leaves you somewhat baffled as to why or where your information is, do you hang around looking?  Not typically.  Very likely in these cases, I hit the return button and end up going to your competitor.  If you do not already have individual pages or articles on your site for your most important keywords, you should – no, you MUST.  There are numerous reasons why having pages for each of your unique offerings and services is important beyond having a relevant landing page for your Adwords click throughs (more on that here), but if none of those have motivated you to make the pages – your Adwords campaign should.  After all, you spent the click through money to have them come to your site, you really ought to give them what they want.


Creating More Effective Google Adwords Tip #3: Be sure you always have two variations of every ad in play at all times.  Google will dole them out to the public evenly.  After you have gathered 100 clicks or more (depends somewhat on your market and how much traffic you get in your niche), see which one is yielding the better CTR (click through rate).  Delete the loser, and then create a new variation.  REMEMBER:  Only tweak one thing at a time – just the headline or just the display URL.  I will post another article with a simple but effective recipe for conducting A / B testing on your ads.


Creating More Effective Google Adwords Tip #4: Make sure you have Google Analytics set up on your site.  It’s best to have the code on every page.  Fortunately, if you are using WordPress as your site “builder” tool (again, you should be), many themes handle this for you.  You just put the Google Analytics code in a field in the theme settings, and it is automatically added to each page and post you create.  Makes sense to do this, right?  You are paying to have people come to your site, you know if they are clicking through and to where they land…  Don’t let them go dark once they are right in your site, use Analytics to see where they go and what they do.

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I will follow up with more Google tips!

What is your favorite Adwords trick?

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