CRM in the “Cloud”: Be Very Careful What You Do…

I don’t have to tell you that over the last 18 to 24 months, there has been a tremendous, endless buzz about “the cloud”.

Let me start out with this statement: Don’t believe the hype.

Don’t assume that “the cloud” is an “slam dunk” answer to a problem. (Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.)

Like all the other trends that come from the technical snake oil factories, it is NOT Magicit will not marvelously make your business any better just because you “moved to the cloud”.

As a matter of fact, should you not make careful assessment, you will end up spending more than you are today, and getting less functionalty to boot.

Food for thought:  CNN recently reported that pays their Senior Account Execs (i.e. – head sales people) an AVERAGE of more than $318,ooo a year.  Note, this is the average, not the highest paid sales person, the average.

My point:  Hosted solutions are not inexpensive and they are highly profitable for the businesses who market them well. is not making those kind of paydays by selling their service for $5 a month.

If you have been using any kind of on-premise system internally for more than a year and in any capacity beyond a simple roledex – hopefully you are – should you move to a cloud solution, be prepared to give up features and data. Or, be prepared to spend significantly more than the ads and your golf partner lead you to expect just to maintain feature parity with what you already own. Simple math.

If you are trying to grapple with Cloud vs. “on premise” and you want to talk about it – call us toll free. I would be happy to share further insight.  Phone 866.568.5123

Your take on this stuff?

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