CRM Software for Your Small Company: Don’t Tell Me Outlook is “Good Enough”!

Outlook is not CRM software (Customer Relationship Management).

I don’t care if you are a small company of just 1 sitting at the dining room table – Microsoft Outlook is not CRM software.

Ballmer doesn't do it - so why would you?

You, dear friend, are better than that…

I know, the price is right – you got it because you use Microsoft Outlook for email and “Hey – What do you know?  You can add contacts and some fields and stuff. Cool.”  Well, not really.  Cool, that is.

Let’s do a little test.  Just a few things that might, just maybe, be kinda useful for a small company CEO…  Nothing too grand…

Try doing the following from Outlook:

  • Show me a list of all of your customers whom (who?) you have not spoken in the last 3 months.
  • Generate a quote for that new retainer they requested (yes – in Outlook!).
  • Add a couple of new custom fields.  Oh, and while you are at it – set the rules so that they are mandatory and when changed, they create a history of the date of the change and what the old and new values are.
  • Show me a graphical view of how many emails, phone calls, meetings and webinars you held in the past 30 days.  While you are at it, give me a list of the attendees/recipients.

Are you starting to get the picture?

A list of names, addresses and a dozen other “important” fields does not equate to “CRM”.  Nor should you feel it is “good enough” to manage your business.

Maybe you thought that CRM was too “big” for what you are doing in your firm.

Have you ever entertained the idea of seeing your firm be bigger than it is now?

You know – have more customers, make more money, that kind of thing?  Typically that means one – or both – of the following:  1) Becoming more effective in how you spend your time.  2) Hiring skilled people who can work on your vision with you.

Outlook ain’t gonna help.

Those 4 simple things I mentioned above, (which either cannot be done or not done quickly in Outlook) are not really a big deal.  For many companies, they would raise their nose with a sniff and say “Big deal.  I do that before breakfast on a slow day.”  That’s fine.  As I heard on a conference call today with Adam Urbanski of the Marketing Mentors: “To every third grader, a fourth grader is god.”

In other words, we are all at different places.  Some are ahead of where we are at, and some are behind – unless you are still using Outlook as your “sales and customer relationship tool”!  Just kidding.  (Not really.)

Ok, look:  It’s time to get over your fears, hang-ups, inhibitions, laziness, OCD, whatever things are holding you back, and get serious about your business.

I know, it might hurt, but the honest truth of the matter is this:  If you are using “toy” software to run your business – can you honestly say that you take it – and yourself – seriously?  Do the work, make a list of what you could really use and make a selection of REAL CRM software.

Hey, I feel so strongly about this – I will spend time on the phone with you – FREE – to help you get clarity on what you need and what direction could make sense.

Call me:  518.822.8860

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