CRM Strategy: Your Mom Knew More About CRM Than You Do

Moms are great, right?

They always say the right thing, they never have a “bad day”, and they usually make a mean breakfast.

We can all agree on that, right?

What you probably didn’t realize, is that mom is also a CRM genius.

Mom is a master of CRM Strategy

Don’t let that apron fool you! Your Mom knew CRM strategy as well as she knew her way around the kitchen.

No, she did not have a secret UNIVAC computer with primordial CRM software hidden in the kitchen cupboards (you know how there is always that one cupboard that just seems to be not as deep as the others and that panel that doesn’t open for no reason?). Likely she never even heard the phrase “CRM”. But, all the same, she is indeed a CRM genius from which to learn for your own CRM best practices.

What makes Mom a CRM expert?

For one, she understood the value of staying in touch.  And doing it at the right times.  Most Mom’s today are likely computer users, and many probably schedule important dates on their systems.  Back in the day, Mom’s “CRM system” was a book.  You know, a phone book where you enter the names of your contacts under the tab for the first letter of the name.  Mom, as a diligent believer in the value of CRM best practices, would carefully track the phone number(s), the address, children’s names, and of course, key dates such as anniversaries and dates of birth.  Each Mom usually also has their own personal twist and tracks a couple of “custom” fields in their book that they know add that special something to their relationships.  Maybe it is a favorite color or flower or the pet’s name…

Mom was vigilant in making sure that the data in her “system” was as accurate as her knowledge.  When someone moved, she would waste no time in updating her database with the revised info.  That way she could rest easy knowing that when it was time to call or send a card, she had everything she needed, up-to-date, lickity split.  No rummaging around fruitlessly for scraps of paper or scratched notes for Mom.  And this helped keep the rest of the family on track too, like when you have to write Aunt Tillie a thank-you card.

Mom was also very selective about the book she used for the basis of her system.  When the time came for an “upgrade” because the old book had too many scratched out addresses or the letter S was spilling over into the T & U pages, she was sure to compare her requirements to any possible replacements she reviewed.  Did it have sufficient spaces for multiple phone numbers?  Were there enough pages to allow for growth?  Was it formatted in a convenient size that she would use?  Mom had specific requirements, she knew them inside and out, and she stuck with them, not making the switch until she was satisfied that the new system was worthy to replace “old faithful”.

Then came the process of migrating the data from the old book to the new one.  While many would have dreaded the prospect, Mom looked at it with fondness and went about the move with relish.  Carefully and page by page, Mom would enter each entry from the old book into a spanky clean page in the new book.  Checking each record thoroughly so as to ensure that nothing was lost in the move.

No, Mom may not know it, but she is a CRM champion.  She understands that it takes effort and care to maintain a well-run system, but appreciates that the dividends for her – and the family – are well worth it.

So, let’s not squander the opportunity given:  Let’s follow Mom’s footsteps – take the time to choose the right CRM system and make the effort to get the most out of it!


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