CRM Tutorial: Sage ACT! – Mining For Gold by Date

CRM Tutorial:  Sage ACT! Makes It a Snap to Find What Has – or Hasn’t – Changed In Your CRM System

No matter how powerful or pretty your CRM software may be, it doesn’t mean much if you cannot quickly find the information your need.  Sage ACT! 2013 CRM was announced just last week (September 5th, 2012), but in this CRM tutorial, I show you a “hidden” search tool that has been in ACT! for many years.  Very few other CRM systems have this same capability, odd.

This CRM Tutorial features the Sage ACT! CRM Contact Activity tool

This Sage ACT! CRM Contact Activity dialog: This little gem looks simple – and it is not hard to use – but no other contact manager or CRM software offers this search capability in such an elegant fashion

First, let’s make sure we are clear on why we give any thought to this…

Let me throw out a few relatively common scenarios:

  • “I want to find all of my customers who I have not spoken with on the phone or held a meeting with in the 180 days…”
  • “Who have the sales reps worked with in the last week?”
  • “Who has outstanding sales opportunities that have not been updated in the last 60 days?”

It is these kinds of searches that with many CRM systems can be arduous but with Sage ACT!, they become simple.

Something that you may not have thought about as it happens “behind the scenes” is that every time a contact record is modified in some way – and this includes not only changing a contact field but also making an activity, clearing one adding a note, etc. – ACT! dutifully updates a system field on the contact called “Edit Date”.

As it turns out, all records – no matter their type:  notes, histories, opportunities, and son on – have an “edit date” that gets updated as you work with them.

So it becomes simple to instantly create a list of all contacts who have open sales opportunities that have not been updated in 60.  Conversely, applying the “Not Changed”/”Changed” setting means it is also easy to find all of the sales opportunities that are “up to date”.

One last feature of the Sage ACT! contact activity tool I would like to call out is that it allows to select specific history and activity types to make your queries really refined.  Perhaps you want to see who has been called but has not scheduled a meeting with a sales rep.  This will let you do it!

Where do you find it?  On ACT!’s “Lookup” Menu, almost at the bottom – “Contact Activity…”


What is your favorite search tool in Sage ACT!?

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