Here Is a 10 Step Recipe for Disaster Using
(feel free to substitute your favorite CRM software)

1)      Assume that because big companies use it, it must be good for small companies too. CRM Software can make you feel like you are in chains

You don’t have to be Houdini to use your CRM Software to improve business, but if you follow this recipe you will feel like your business is in chains!

2)     Don’t budget enough, figuring you can do without the “advanced” features.

3)      Believe that it is “easy to use” and ignore the resulting low user productivity.

4)      Don’t bother to hire qualified help in getting the system up and running.

5)      Choose to have your users train themselves with online videos.

6)      Let your employees know that while they are required to use it, you won’t be.

7)      Only purchase seats for “key” personnel and let everyone else “share” a login or go without.

8)      Blind yourself to the fact that support is more expensive than would have you believe.

9)      Disregard input from your users as to what their needs are.

10)   Opt not to migrate all or key portions of your current system’s data, citing that it is “too difficult/expensive” and the users can just re-enter what they need anyway.


If you can check off at least 4 of these techniques, then you are well on your way to using to destroy the customer service, satisfaction, and credibility of your business.

BTW – to be fair to, a business can apply these same strategies to pretty much any CRM system, although #2 and #8 are likely more applicable to than most other solutions due to their fee schedule.

If you find yourself in similar straights or would rather avoid being there in the first place, feel free to give me a call.  I would be glad to hear what’s on your mind and help you create a plan that will build – not destroy – your business.

PS – We are about results, not software, so whatever system you are using –, Zoho CRM, vTiger CRM, Sage ACT!, and Microsoft CRM – we can help you build a better business.

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