Open Source CRM: vTiger – A Zero Dollar, Full Featured CRM System

vTiger open source CRM software is a full-blown CRM software solution for your company with an amazing price: $0

vTiger Open Source CRM is a powerful, low cost fully featured CRM system for small and large businesses.

Using vTiger open source CRM software provides companies with any budget to implement a feature rich sales automation platform for their sales and support staff

Free?” you say?  Well then, it must be wimpy or hard to use…  Nope.

vTiger open source CRM allows companies who implement it as their CRM solution to track leads,  contacts, accounts, and it offers calendaring and task scheduling so that sales opportunities are followed up in a timely fashion.

More advanced CRM users will appreciate the project management, sales opportunity, and web form lead capture modules.  Don’t forget the ability to create custom workflows that automate sales processes.

vTiger open source CRM includes 20 modules in all (you can elect to turn off those that you do not use, resulting in a streamlined user experience).

It is a highly customizable CRM system that allows you to create not only custom fields for any of the modules, but even build your own custom data types.  (An example might be “Leased equipment” or “Research topics” or “Website Accounts”.)

We’ve been working with numerous CRM systems for many years and are very excited about the possibilities that vTiger brings to the table, even for organizations that could afford “Paid” solutions.  vTiger CRM software is a competitive solution that is worthy of consideration for your organization if you are looking for a CRM solution.  (Feel free to call me if you would like some input on what you should consider when evaluating CRM software.)

A big benefit that we see in vTiger is that it’s implementation options are some of the most flexible for any CRM software on the market:  It can be “rented” (hosted) from the vTiger mother company.  You can “host” it from your own Amazon Web Services account. It is available for installation on the web hosting accounts on many of the larger hosting companies.  Or, install it on a server or PC in your office.

Taking this flexibility even further, in a self-hosted scenario (where you install the software on your own hardware – our favorite choice), it can be installed on one of the various flavors of the open source (free) Linux operating system (tech geek likely needed here) or on some flavor of Windows – Windows Server, Vista or Windows 7 (very easy!).

It’s of note that if you want to use either Windows Vista or Windows 7 as your “server”, Microsoft has changed the way the internet server handles the maximum number of concurrent users.

The internet information server in the Professional (non-Home) versions allows up to 10 connections at once, but instead of explicitly denying additional requests, the server queues them to be handled once the concurrent count drops below 10.

What exactly does this mean in non- geek speak?  It means that even if you bring more than 10 CRM users online, you will still be able to use the less expensive desktop Windows versions instead of moving up to Windows Server 2008/2012.  Exactly how many users you will get online will vary depending upon your hardware and on their CRM usage patterns.  (In any event, no matter which version of Windows you use, make sure you have some kind of a back up plan in place – external Sata or USB hard-drives work nicely and are terribly cheap.)

Now that’s what I call BANG for the BUCK!

Another great thing about vTiger is that you access it through your web browser just like any other “cloud” application – (almost) no software to install on your workstations (if you want to take advantage of the Microsoft Outlook email or Microsoft Word integration, than yes, some software is installed, but this is minimal and very easy to do).  vTiger supports pretty much any modern browser including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Apple SafariThis means that your Mac users can get in on the fun too! Want to use iPads?  No problem!

We mentioned some of the primary modules offered in vTiger, but that’s not the end of it.  It also provides support for the following “high-end” features that many CRM platforms either don’t offer or charge extra for, including:

  • cascading drop-down lists
  • workflows  (when this happens, update this, etc.)
  • calculated fields
  • Web forms for lead capture
  • customer portal

So to recap, I think vTiger open source CRM represents a tremendous opportunity for small companies looking for a highly flexible and powerful CRM software solution that won’t break the bank on software licensing fees.

Just because vTiger open source is free, doesn’t mean your organization will be without the features you need in your CRM system!

If you would like to find out more about vTiger open source CRM, give me a call today!


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