How To Blog: Reducing It To the Numbers…

So, you think you should start a blog for your small company, but you’re not sure if it’s worth it.  Or maybe more accurately, you’re not sure how to blog so that you can tell if it’s worth it.

Or perhaps you already established a blog, but it just feels like it ain’t yielding anything.

Knowing How To Blog Is Not as Hard As You Think

Back when the Internet was powered by coal and steam, blogging took many hands.  But today, blogging is not as hard as it once was.

After all, few of us like to write, true?  Why would we want to put ourselves through the punishment of having to consistently write articles when we’re not really sure if there is any payoff?  Fair enough.  Here are some statistics that I think might make you feel better.The following are based upon inbound marketing industry analysis.  This is not “soft”, this is based upon real world results.


How To Blog:  Some Simple Statistics

First, the variables.
The following statistics are based upon data that looked at the following details:

  • Number of monthly posts
  • Whether the blog was being syndicated via RSS, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Whether SEO best practices were being followed
  • What mix of content was being published:  Company related PR, Industry News, and Original (relevant) content
  • The value of a new customer
  • The conversion rate for gaining new customers from the resultant traffic

More is better.

While this is not true for many things in life, it is absolutely true for blogging.  Bumping your blog article content output from 3 new articles per month to 7 yields a 200% + increase in generated revenue.  12 articles per month results in 357% more revenue and 16 nets those blogs 505% more revenue.  So, it more or less follows that each additional article yields additional revenue in a somewhat linear fashion.


Make sure you spread the word.
Don’t rely on just the blog alone.  Make sure that each article is shared out to Facebook, Twitter, and that you have a visible RSS feed link on the site.  Following these practices improves the revenue generated on blogs that do it by 450% as compared to just posting articles on the blog alone.


Apply basic SEO to each article.
Writing to selected keywords and doing your Title and Description, etc. brings a 30% improvement.  Not quite as stunning as some of the other numbers, but, hey?  For an extra minute or two, a 30% improvement is a nice return!


Content type matters.
Forget about Press Release articles.  No one comes to your blog for that.  Industry news ain’t worth it.  The king here is original content that speaks to what your ideal customer wants to hear.  Throw in the occasional PR if you must, but don’t count that as one of your monthly quota.  Dividing your content types equally between PR, industry news and original content reduces revenue when compared to sites that strictly have original articles by about 60%.  Might as well go after what gives the biggest return.

Hope you find this takes some of the mystery out of how blogging yields results and where to spend your time.

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  1. MScott821
    5 years ago

    And be sure to watch your results. I find I am often surprised to see where traffic comes from and what keywords were used. No point in flying blind!

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