How To Blog: Use WordPress for a “Normal” Business Website?

How To Blog Tutorial:  You Can Use WordPress for Your Business Website Even if You Are Not Blogging – and Why It’s a Good Idea…

Colleen and I were  conducting our latest “Cloud Revolutions” live workshop session yesterday, and although we were primarily focused on building effective email marketing campaigns, the conversation veered over toward blogging and WordPress best practices for small business.

One of the students asked a great question, one which I feel is worthy of writing a quick “how to” about.

Her question was this:  “Can you use WordPress as a ‘normal” website?”  In other words, if you aren’t too familiar with how WordPress works – can you set it up so that it doesn’t act / look like a blog – you know – a scrolling list of articles…?

The short answer:  yes.

More importantly:  Should you?

Next:  How do you?

How to set up your WordPress site so that the “homepage” is not a list of blog articles.

I guess I will answer the “how” question first, since it is pretty straightforward.

In your WordPress dashboard, in the left-hand nav bar, scroll down to “Settings”.

How To Blog Tutorial:  Using WordPress for a Static Business Homepage

How To Blog Tutorial: It’s a simple matter to set up your WordPress installation so that it looks like a “normal” home page

From the “Settings” sub-menu, select “Reading”.  (See the image to compare what you should now be looking at.)

Notice right at the top of the Reading Settings page there is a setting: “Front page displays”.

By clicking “A static page” and selecting a page from the drop down list of all your available pages (obviously you want to create your “home page” page first) – and don’t forget to click the”Save Changes” button at the bottom – you have now made your website act like a typical, no blogging website.

As a side note, selecting a page for the “Posts Page” setting can have unexpected results based upon which page you select and how your currently activated theme handles the article list displays.  (If you try it, and it gets weird on you, just come back here and set it back to “-Select-” and it will revert to it’s normal self.  Not so bad.)


Why Would You Want To Use WordPress for Your Website If You Are Not Going to Blog?

Again, a fair question.

A pretty simple answer.

Blogging and article writing aside, WordPress as a home to your business website offers tons of useful features and power.  Let’s list a few:

  • The ability to accept user comments.
  • Built-in search.
  • Easy to build and modify menus.
  • Thousands of custom themes.
  • SEO friendly code.
  • An endless number of plugins – mostly all free – that allow you to instantly “upgrade” your site with new capabilities.

Plus, after you have spent a little time learning where things are, you can do pretty much the whole thing yourself.  If you’d rather hire someone to manage your WordPress site, there are a ton of skilled folks who can help – and reasonably priced.

What’s Your Favorite “How To Blog” tip?

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