Improve Your Close Rate by 200-300%… or more!

What if you could increase you close rate for your sales calls by triple digits? 

Blogging Quality Content Can Lead To Explosive Growth

Right – not just 20 or 30% – which would be nice in itself.

But, let’s say that there was something that you could do that you could easily track and measure, and prove to yourself that instead of your old, “typical” sales call close rate of 15 or 20% closed, you were consistently hitting about 80% of sales calls resulting in a sale.

Sound good?


“What is it?”, you ask?


Here it is:  Blogging.

Yup.  That’s it.  Write lots of nice little blog articles that provide your ideal customers with the info they want and you will see your close rate begin to climb.

You do not need to chase your customers and prospects anymore.

That sales model is pretty much dead.

Rather, today, the buyer is “chasing” you on the internet.

The more information you provide, the more trust you build.  The more trust you have in the mind of the buyer, the easier it is to close them when it’s time.

Marcus Sheridan from the Sales Lion blog, reported that when he started blogging for his pool company with focus, after a few months while analyzing his web traffic discovered this phenomenon:  If his prospects visited at least 30 pages on his company’s website (blog), when he or his sales reps visited to make the sales call, their closure rate was 80%…

What would it mean to you business if you could close 80% of every prospect your spoke with?

Time to start getting those articles written.  If you only have 20 pages on your site, than you have a problem.  20, 30, even 50 pages on your site – that is probably not enough to reach the “tipping” point where you have enough content on your site to allow your prospects to “sell themselves” by consuming all that great content you are providing them.

You know what to do.

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