Increase Your Facebook Page Reach: 7 Things To Do With Your Posts, Part 1

 Increase Your Facebook Page Reach:  7 Things To Do With Your Posts

As you probably know, your posts on your Facebook page do not get seen by everybody who has “liked” your page.  While it takes a little thought, if you want to increase your Facebook Page reach, there are some simple actions you can take to get more “bang for your” posting buck.  

Here are 4:


#1:  Post with Regularity – Once a Day Is a Vitamin for Your EdgeRank.

Facebook rewards pages that are active over pages that are “dead” or have infrequent updates.

This doesn’t mean you want to be “spammy” – sending out many posts daily – but shoot for at least once a day.

It is Not To Hard to Increase Your Facebook Page Reach

Improving your results from your Facebook page does not have to be like getting captured by Martians. Follow these simple steps and you will increase your Facebook Page reach

My sense though, is that the effect of timing has to do with your community’s make-up.  If you are managing a business related page – business services or products – versus a hobby or personal interest page for example, the level of response to your posts due to timing will likely vary.

I suggest testing to see what works for your fans and then stick to that schedule.

You can schedule posts now, so take advantage of that feature both to set your posts for your “prime time” and to set up a week’s worth of posts at once.  This way you won’t miss your “once a day” schedule so as to maximize your EdgeRank benefits.



#2:  Do your Best To Make It a Conversation.

Apparently responding to comments on your pages also helps your EdgeRank.  Set your Page setting so that you get email notifications when comments are made.  This makes it a simple and quick task to respond in a timely fashion to Fan comments even when you are not on Facebook.

If a comment isn’t really needed – say when you have the kind of comment like “Cool” or “Great” – then click “Like” (as your page, not yourself) on some of those comments – not all, just a sprinkling here and there.


#3:  Take Advantage of Insights.

Once you have more than 30 fans, Facebook turns on Insights for your page (this is true for  community pages too even though when you have less than 30 in your community, it says that Insights is not available for community pages – not true!), use it!

In the Admin Panel that is above your Timeline Page image (click Show if you have to),  in the Insights panel, click “See All”.  Scroll down below the graph and you will see a list of your posts.  Sort it by “Virality” so that the most viral are at the top.  These are the posts that have generated the most reaction from your audience.  This shows you what resonates with your audience.  Having an active community on your page is what it is all about, so take to heart what Insights is telling you they like – and give them more of it!


#4:  Always Include a Picture in Your Posts.  Good Pictures.  Images that Catch the Eye.

Why settle for a plain old “Status Update” that is boring text only when you can have a picture?  Think about what catches your eye when you’re scanning the newsfeed – posts with captivating images, right?

Take the time find or create quality images for your posts and use them consistently.  (Be sure to respect copyright!).


In part two of this series I will provide 3 more things you can do to optimize your Facebook Page reach.


What Favorite Facebook Tips Can You Share?


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