Insanity & Success: Two Sides of the Same Coin…

I’m sure you have heard the definition of insanity, right?

Well if not, here it is:  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

We’ve all been there – the lawn mower won’t start, but you work yourself into a lather by continuing to pull the cord.  Your report won’t print, and you keep hitting the “Print” button in hopes that somehow on the 11th attempt the printer will suddenly spring to life.

Must have been the endorphins kickin’ after a 3 mile run, because suddenly while pulling into the Post Office I realized that this behavior is what leads to success.  Well, the part about doing something and the results.

See, this form of insanity is that we want a different outcome than we are getting but we’re too frustrated or scared to change up what we’re doing.  It is as if shear will power will exert itself and transform the output of our action (or inaction) to the desired one.

Tony Robbins will tell you:  If you want a desired outcome – look around at the people who are already getting that outcome, find out what they are doing, and do it.

When we’re doing the “wrong” thing to get a result, we expect a “bad” outcome (not that we always acknowledge as quick as might be prudent).

So why is it we often don’t believe doing the things that have achieved great results for others won’t work for us?

Now that’s insanity!

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