Interesting Sites for Small Biz Success

As I have been researching for various projects over the last few months, I have come across several sites that you may be able to use to improve your business life.  Here are a select  few in no particular order: Well, if you have been a reader for awhile, you likely realize that this is not actually the first time I have recommended this site.  I use it every day and I love it.  If you haven’t checked it out you should.  Simply put, Evernote intends to be your memory.  It easily allows you to store pretty much any piece of electronic information you might come across – emails, web addresses, web pages, blog articles, PDFs, Word docs, etc.  It integrates with Microsoft Outlook and your browser by adding a button to the tool.  See, something you want – just click the Evernote button and the item is copied to your Evernote notebooks.  Even better, while it stores your data locally, it also stores it in the cloud, quietly syncing your saved items in the background.  From there, you can access your saved items from pretty much any device – a Windows PC, a Mac, your iPhone or iPad, your Droid, etc.  You can also log in via a browser.  Comes in free and premium editions.  You really ought to… I stumbled across this one just yesterday.  One of the things that makes this Customer Service/Support site is that it endeavors to include social media in it’s support platform.  Here is the description from their site: “Assistly is the “all-in-one” system that immerses your whole team or company in customer service and puts everything you need front and center. Support your customers wherever they need it: email, social media, web self-service, phone or chat. Assistly keeps track of it all. It’s all in one place — no more jumping around — and nothing falls through the cracks.”

The other intriguing thing:  For your first agent, the account is completely free.  They have access to all of the tools, and you never have to pay.  If you have additional part timers – you pay just $1 per hour they are online.  Not to shabby. I am really excited about this one.  This is a service that allows you to create your own social media platform for any of your domains.  In other words, it gives you the framework to create a social site that has membership (which you can choose to charge for if that is your business model), blogging, member forums, photo uploads, chat, events, groups, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  It integrates with stuff like Constant Contact and Twitter.  The Mini version with support for up to 150 members is just $19.95 for a year.  I am going to be playing with this one!

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