Judi Clements: Mentoring the Manager for More Effective Meetings

Mentor: a trusted counselor or guide

Recently we were recharged via Judi Clements’ mentoring at her NYSID Training, ‘Take Charge Skills for Managers: Managing

Participants in Judi Clements' Training Mentoring Class on Improving Meeting Effectiveness

Participants of Judi Clement’s Training receiving mentoring from Judi and work on their class assignments

Change, Meetings & Presentations.’

I know you’re thinking recharged in a meeting?


The first section explored attitudes regarding change. One of Judi’s exercises was a real eye opener, demonstrating the differences in our own attitude toward change in the home vs change at the office. We then worked through tools that help guide successful change, effectively connecting success with flexibility and our innate capacity to explore and learn. She then provided effective guidelines for implementing and communicating change. Oh, and we switched seats throughout the day. Sounds crazy, but it works. Everyone’s first reaction was to reject and buck this notion. Later I realized that this immediately altered perspective and provided a great networking opportunity. By day’s end we were all deeply connected and comfortable with everyone in the room.

How I wish I’d had these tools under my belt years ago!


Part two explored Meetings. Most of us have lost at least a third of our adult life yawning through meetings.  Many sessions run on, run off track, are mismanaged, or sometimes hijacked by the audience. Her agenda form was shared and is a key tool that I will use to keep any meeting right on track. Most meetings involve dry presentation, but that’s not the only method. To introduce a number of options, we broke into teams.  We prepared an agenda that involved Brainstorming, Discussion, Partnering, Small Groups, Go Arounds, as well as Media options to reach the assigned meetings’ goals. To help manage attendees’ behavior, we were given suggestions on how to keep a discussion moving. My all-time favorite is to thank long winded commenters for their input and simply state, ‘in the interest of time…’ which tactfully allows you to move on. In most situations this statement will lead any group past roadblock.


Judi Clements’ mentoring along with loads of tips, tricks, and her stage background made for a vibrant and perfectly paced training. Bravo!



Judi Clements

Judi Clements Training & Development

(518) 371-9184



by Colleen Schaffernoth,

Dir. of Possibilities

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