Marketing Strategy: Words That Motivate

Marketing Strategy:  Use Words That Speak to the Customer’s Emotions

The internet and email is fast paced.  If you subject lines, blog articles titles, and calls-to-action (CTAs) don’t strike the reader, they are gone in a heartbeat – perhaps never to return.  For the best results, be sure to include in your marketing strategy using words that motivate.

Marketing Strategy Is Not Something that Just "Happens" - You Have to be Thoughtful
Like All Complex Machinery, You Have to be Thoughtful and Careful in Constructing Your Marketing Strategies – You Can’t Just Toss it to the Wind

Don’t be boring.  Avoid jargon.  Speak about the reader and what they want to hear, not about your product.

Here is a list of “left-brain” (rational) words and then an alternative that speaks to the emotional “right-brain” in all of us.

First the left brain, then the more responsive right brain alternative:

accelerate -> speed up

accolade -> applause

challenge -> dare

completed -> finished

disclose -> reveal

following is/are -> here is/are

futile -> hopeless

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huge -> giant

inform -> tell

learn -> find out

perceive -> see

prevent -> stop

receive -> get

reply -> answer

sufficient -> enough

wealthy -> rich


Look at your marketing copy and see if you can’t instill more “vibrancy” into your messages aiming for the result of better responses from your target audience.

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  1. MScott821
    5 years ago

    Here’s another little tip for subject lines and calls-to-action: Enclose the sentence in double quotes, and if it makes sense, end the sentence with an ellipsis.

    Studies show that people are more apt to read the sentence when it includes these.

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