Marketing Strategy Video: Using Social Media Email Alerts for WordPress

Knowing your online marketing efforts are paying off is really important for not only learning what is working but also to give you a little boost when you may be feeling a bit discouraged.

While tools like Google Analytics are invaluable for watching trends and learning how people are finding you, that experience is retroactive, it’s looking backward, which is fine.  Sometimes it’s great to see things when they happen.

This short video (about 5 minutes, 45 seconds) shows how to install and set up a neat little free plugin for your WordPress site called Social Media Email Alerts.

Social Media Email Alerts lets you set up email alerts that notify you whenever somebody lands on your site from any other site you care to track.  You know when someone has hit your site, what page they landed on and from where they come.

Watch the video to see how it works and how you can add it to your WordPress site!

Tell me about your favorite WordPress plugins – send me a comment!

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