Getting More Out of Your LinkedIn Efforts, Part 1

  So, maybe you are just getting started on LinkedIn.  Or, perhaps you have been at it awhile, but you aren’t feeling like you are getting the traction out of it you should.

There are approximately 110 million – yes that’s 110,000,000 – users on Linked In these days, and unlike Facebook or Twitter, most of those users are all about business.

Here are a handful of simple, yet effective, tips that you can apply toyour LinkedIn usage starting today!

  • Remember, the same as when you attend other “networking” events, no one wants you to jump in on their conversations trying to sell.  Lead with value.  You need to give before you can ask for anything in return (yes, the basic human rules apply online too!).  Listen to conversations (or in this case, read the discussions – ALL of the comments) so that you can truly ascertain if you have something to add.  Someone may have already made the comment that came to your mind.  I.e. – don’t just read the last 3 or 4 comments in a long thread and then add your two cents.
  • Where to find folks to talk too?  Groups.  Think about the folks who you help:  Is it small business start ups?  Non-profits?  Alternative medicine therapists?  Really think about what your sweet spot is and look for those LinkedIn groups that cater and attract those people.  And, to make truly maximize your group selection, look for groups that are not obvious.  In other words, getting active in a group where all your peers are (your competition) is going to dilute your message.  Find the places on LinkedIn where your prospects are and your peers are not.  Take your time, do your research using the group search function, and you should be able to find at least a couple of interesting niches where you can build your rep as the ‘goto’ person.  Join the groups and begin listening.


Ok, I have more to share, which I will in another post, but I’ll stop here for today so you can start your homework. 

What LinkedIn tips can you share with us?

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  1. Colleen
    6 years ago

    Simple enough.

    Don’t just link to your friedns/associates either.

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