SalesNexus – Everything 1999 Has to Offer – In the Cloud!

There has been some buzz in the ACT! Certified Consultant community in the last few days that SalesNeXus – yet ANOTHER hosted “CRM” solution is directly attempting to woo ACT! users by a somewhat – if only mildly – misleading marketing campaign with the headline: “Upload ACT! to the Cloud in minutes!”.

Well of course you are not moving ACT! to the cloud, you are moving your data to SalesNexus.

I signed up for a free 30 day trial and then chatted with support to get more details on how the actual import process – and any limitations – works. Apparently they honor all custom field on the Contact table – did not think to ask about those on Groups or Opportunities… Will advise…

Keep listening!

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  1. MScott821
    6 years ago

    Ok, had a chance to come back around to this again.

    Perhaps from a very high level, my overall impression is that this application/program/service (whatever you want to call this hosted tool) was definitely based upon the feature set of ACT!. And when I say ACT!, I mean the one called ACT! 2000 released in 1999 – 12 years ago. It does not have much in common with the ACT! that we know since at least 2008 and newer (and maybe not even the one that dates back to 2004).

    If you are an ACT! user running on a relatively recent version of ACT! (let’s say ACT! 2007 or newer), BE PREPARED TO GIVE UP THE FOLLOWING FEATURES IF YOU MOVE TO SALESNEXUS:
    Dynamic Groups
    Sub-Groups deeper than 1 level
    Custom Activity Types
    Any Kind of reporting beyond the most basic
    Outlook email integration
    The ability to create custom fields of the following “specialized” but highly productive types:
    Annual Event
    Yes/No Fields
    Company Records do not exist in any fashion
    Opportunities with more than one product
    A reasonable Merge to Word capability
    Any and all of your favorite add-ons

    If you have been using ACT! 2008, in addition to the above, SalesNexus will take the following away from you:
    The ability to create custom tables (granted, ACT! does this with the assist of 3rd party add-ins, but you can do it very easily)

    Ok, I’ll stop there. The trade-offs are significant if you have been using ACT! for anything longer than just a few months. And if you are just starting out, then you are likely using ACT! 2010 or 2011, and that makes the feature gap (more like a gulf) even more daunting.

    Advantages to SalesNexus? Well, perhaps being in the cloud can be an advantage, but this is not a guarantee and presents its own set of issues with which you must contend (do you have any concern for speed? How reliable is you internet connection – SalesNexus does not offer any kind of disconnected solution – so if your internet is offline – you is to! Sorry Charlie!)

    It is on just by flicking a switch. That said, installing modern software in Windows Vista or Windows 7 is not difficult and does not take that long.

    Yes, SalesNexus does have it “built in” Web to Lead capture and autoresponder system and email campaign management tools. But here again, unless you go with the “Complete” version – at $55 per user per month for all users – you do not even have the ability to track opens! What good is that? You pretty much could just use Outlook from your desktop! Now to get the “goodies”, I need to spend $55 for all of my users – even though perhaps in a small office only one person would actually be tasked with handling email campaigns. If I have 4 people who need to use the CRM and I want to do email and web lead capture, then I am forced to spend $55 x 4 per month: $220 per month. There’s a little notice on SalesNexus pricing page – the version that I need – Complete – has to be paid annually! So that means I am coughing up $2640 for my initial 4 users right at the get. If you want to add more users during that time, be prepared to have to pay all of the remaining months up front for each of them.

    Yeah, I suppose hosted solutions can offer value, but I would steer wide of SalesNexus, there are lots of other options that bring much more value to the table!

  2. M Scott
    6 years ago

    Ok. Day 2.

    I have had a chance to login to my Trial Account on SalesNexus and poke around a bit.

    A few things that are concerning…

    On the calendar, it looks like several hundred Activities that were cleared in my Act! database dating as far back as 2005 are showing as “Open” or Active, i.e. – they need to be cleared. Don’t know if the system offers the ability clear “en masse”, but if not, that’s going to be fun! Also, the task list is very slow – I was not able to get the second screen (which would contain the current activities – the stuff I actually NEED) to even load, just kind of time out in the browser. Nice.

    Of more concern regarding the contact data import from our ACT! database: Although I specifically asked support if they handle custom fields on the Contact table and they said yes, that is not true. They have what looks to be more or less a generic table layout that basically matches an “out of the box” ACT! contact table. NOT GOOD!

    Further: No such thing as a company record. If you are using that in ACT!, say goodbye. It doesn’t look like your Sales Processes come over either, nor custom activities…

    If you have been a serious ACT! user for any amount of time and are considering SalesNexus, I would be VERY WARY of going that route if you have done anything more than the most basic of customization, use Company Records, Groups or Sales Opportunities.

    Keep in mind, that while the “Small Business” edition of SalesNexus allows “unlimited” sends of email blasts, it DOES NOT include the ability to track the opens of your blasts! What’s the point? Further, forget about drip campaigns, auto-responders, Outlook sync or even the ability to save an email to a contact record! If you need these benefits (and online marketing is pretty much worthless w/o them), you’re talking about getting the “Complete” Edition of SalesNexus at $55 per user per month.

    So, you wanted to save $$ and effort and move away from your trusted in-house solution. For a 5 user system, your first year cost would run you $3699, and another $3300 each year there after… An on premise solution – with more functionality and customization and workflow abilities, would certainly not be more in year 1 and significantly less each year there after…


  3. MScott821
    6 years ago

    Well, it’s been about 4 hours or so and I just got a notification from SalesNexus that my import is done.

    Next will be to see what I have in the account…

  4. M Scott
    6 years ago

    Well – first speed bump. The upload “wizard” for import cannot accept an ACT! back up. So I then followed their link for “more information” and then by poking around in their FAQ, found a link that said to upload the ACT! back up that way.

    So, I am now waiting another 20 minutes for that to finish to see what happens next…

    (Being that they have not asked for a password or login info for the database, I am curious to see how they handle that…)

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