CRM Success Quick ACT! Tutorial: Find A Phone Number Anywhere in Your Database

Quick ACT! Tutorial – Finding Any Phone or Address

You’ve been on the road all day, you get back to the office to check email and phone messages before calling it a day.  You see in your phone log that someone called twice during the day, but didn’t leave a message, and the call ID doesn’t seem to indicate an obvious telemarketing firm.

Who was it?  Why did they call twice? Could it be a potential lead?  Someone who is hot and isn’t going to wait?  Perhaps you can still reach them and keep the opportunity alive!

Time to jump over to ACT! and see if they are already in the system and what their history uncovers.

Now, you can just right click on the “Phone” field in your contact screen, enter in the first portion of the number and see what comes back.

But what if they called from their cell?  Or fax line? Or home phone? Or one of the other custom fields you have created?  (ACT! comes with 6 phone fields for contact records and 3 for companies.  For addresses, there are 2 for contacts and 3 for companies.)

Obviously, you could repeat the [right-click: lookup] process for every phone field, but don’t we have a tool like ACT! so that we do not have to do that kind of mindless stuff?  Not to mention, you might forget to search one of the phone fields, and that could have been the one with the match!

As always – ACT! has an easier way to find that phone number (IF you have it in the database!).

Next time you need to lookup a “mystery” phone number – or an address (address 1, 2, city, state, etc.) – do this:

Go to the Lookup menu, and select “Other Fields”.

In the Lookup dialog box, in “Field”, scroll to where you find “Any <fieldname>” listed.  There you will find a choice for any phone related field or address related field.

In this Quick ACT! Tutorial I show you how you can search for any phone or address field in the system at one time

In this Quick ACT! Tutorial You see How Easy It Is to search for any phone or address field in the system at one time. ACT! is AWESOME

Select the field you are interested in and enter your search criteria.  ACT! will dutifully search across all fields of that type and return a list of matching records.

A few things to note:

The search only works for the record type you are currently looking at, not across different record types (contact, company, or group – might work in sales opportunities too, but I have never tried a phone field or an address field there).  So, depending upon your data and how badly you need to track down the info, you may still have to run the lookup more than once.  That said, doing it twice is better than 9 or 12 times!

Secondly, for this function to work with your custom phone numbers and addresses, you had to specify the correct field type when creating them.  In other words, if you added phone numbers or addresses using just “vanilla” character fields, then ACT! has no way of knowing what these fields are actually phone numbers or addresses and will ignore them.

Hopefully that is not you!  (You could consider creating new fields of the correct field type and migrating the data from the old field(s) – but that is for another conversation!)

I hope you found this Quick ACT! Tutorial useful!

Tell me your favorite tricks – or let me know what you would like to learn!

Until the next time,
Your CRM Friend
M. Scott Schaffernoth

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