“Smart E-mail Strategy: 10 (More) Things You Can Improve…”

Another “10 Pack” of Smart E-mail Techniques for Better Open & Click Through Rates

It comes as no surprise that email is the preeminent tool for online marketing.  It costs significantly less to earn new leads and customers using email than

Smart E-mail Strategy is indeed a Science, but you don't have to make it Rocket Science once you create a process to follow each time.

so-called “traditional” marketing channels.

That said, it still costs something, and according to current research, that cost, while rising, is still less than other methods.

Our goal should always be to make the most of each technique and tool we use, so can applying a few simple, yet effective, smart e-mail techniques will help to squeeze every drop of benefit from your efforts.

So, here are 10 more smart e-mail strategy “to-dos” to help bump up your opens and click-throughs.

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  • Avoid “spammy” words in the subject line such as “Discount”, “Power”, “Special”, “sale”…
  • Try double quotes or square brackets in the subject line, but avoid curly brackets.
  • Speak to the “right-brain”, emotional side of your audience, not the “left-brain” rational side.  Use words or phrases like “speed up” vs. “accelerate”, “give” instead of “donate”, “hopeless” in place of “futile”.  You get the idea.  Just think of how you react to certain words and lines.
  • As you grow your list, work to segment it if you have different products or customer types.  Once segmented, create content that speaks to them.  This will help retain your membership, avoiding opt-outs and actually increase the loyalty because you are speaking to them more directly.
  • Try adding an ellipsis to the end of the subject (when it makes sense).
  • Don’t assume your readers have ANY idea of what you have in the email:  Don’t say something like: “The FINAL Day!”, rather try: “Last Chance:  Plan To Profit Program”.
  • Use “you”:  Don’t make the mistake of trying to be totally bland and corporate sounding.  Sure, you want to maintain an appropriate level of decorum, but as per study after study on what works, “BORING” is a surefire kiss-of-death for your list success.  People will opt out if they keep receiving “blah, blah, blah” content that has no soul.
  • SEND MORE OFTEN than you think.  This will condition your recipients to be looking for you and will keep you on thier mind.  Once a month is not enough.  Hubspot found that once you get to a weekly send rate, even moving to daily doesn’t increase the number of opt-outs.
  • Do your best to inspire curiosity in your subject lines. (Be honest, but take a little time and be creative when it makes sense.)
  • Provide multiple links.
    Again, referring to Hubspots research from the “Science of E-mail”, adding more links, increases the number of click throughs.
    Makes sense when you think about it.  If I get an email, and it only has a link to the homepage and maybe one to “Read the rest here…”, and I’m not terribly interested in that particular item, I’m not going to click.  Doesn’t mean I didn’t like the email, just didn’t strike a cord that day.  In contrast if the email has say, 4 or 5 links to different but related subjects, isn’t there a much higher chance that I will click one?  Sure.  The danger here can be keeping the focus of the reader where you want it, don’t just add a bunch of links that really aren’t co-ordinated in any fashion as you will water down the “Call-to-Action” you are trying to make.
  • Bonus Tip #11:  If you are sending an email with a “Call-to-Action”, put it in the email more than once, using differing graphics and/or text.

So there you go!  10 More Smart E-mail tactics you can start using today!

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