So, If CRM Failed – How Are You Going To Handle “Social CRM”?

There’s been a lot of buzz in the CRM channels and forums about “Social CRM”, not to mention it seems there is a new start up launching every day claiming that they have “Social CRM” nailed.

Having poked around some of these “tools” while also trying to wrap my head around how any of this actually would help our clients, I came across a rather articulate blog post @ Gartner today that seemed to put things in a less heady, more realistic framework.  The entire post is here, but I will give you the highlights…Point #1:  In a lot of ways, at many companies, you can accurately say that CRM “failed”.  Reason:  These organizations never “got it” – they never truly comprehended that CRM is like having a baby – it ain’t over when it’s birthed.  (I am willing to state that there are way more companies on this list than they think – it’s part of the disease – they don’t even know they are infected.)

Point #2:  While claims abound that Social CRM is ready for the center stage, this stance is primarily being touted by those who are “selling” the solution. And too many questions remained unanswered:

  • How are social media posts highlighting perceived “issues” converted by a system into tickets/support items/cases?
  • What’s the escalation process for such “cases”?
  • How do you measure “success”?
  • Is it a sales or marketing  responsibility?
  • Who really benefits from this “knowledge”?
  • <<Feel free to add your own…>>

Here is how he closes:

“You thought you could bury CRM and move onto Social CRM? That is like saying you couldn’t hack the 20K run so now you are training for a marathon. Before you get too far down the Social CRM path, re-visit your CRM strategy: you may find that the original concept of customer-centric business process is what drives great companies still today. Social CRM is not for the weak or the undisciplined, and neither was CRM. If CRM was a marathon, Social CRM will be your ultra-marathon – or your Achilles heel.”


Hmm….  What do you think?

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