Some Shared Insights on How WPDrip Behaves in Your Membership Site…

Many of us are interested in having some “drip” content in our membership sites so as to allow “doses” of content for our members.  This serves at least two purposes:  It helps with retention and also helps alleviate member overwhelm.

Wishlist Member by itself will not allow for a highly granular drip program.  While it does offer Sequential Upgrades, it will get very cumbersome if you have more than just a few drip events.

WPDrip is a great solution for adding highly customized dripping to your Wishlist Member site.  The only challenge is that it can be a real mind bender to wrap your head around as the documentation is not great.

To help you get up to speed with WPDrip, I have created the following list of observations as to how WPDrip behaves.  This is not intended to be a full fledged introduction or tutorial for WPDrip, rather, it is more of a list of tips that I learned the hard way as I was setting up the Sales Software Academy.

Hope you find it useful and that it will save you some time and head-scratching!

  • Posts or pages will only appear in drip lists created from the WPDrip short codes if they are “protected”.  In other words, if a post/page is flagged “No, do not protect…” in the Wishlist settings for that item, it will never be listed even if you add a category that is set to drip.
    • Workaround: Leave the item set to “No, do not protect…” but check off one the member levels.  The content will still be available to the public/non-members, but it will also show in your WPDrip content lists!
  • If a page or post has more than 1 category assigned to it, even if one of those categories is set to “Exclude” in the WPDrip settings, it will still show in the shortcode lists.  It will not be dripped though.  In other words, aside from showing in a shortcode content drip listing, it will be visible as soon as it is published.
  • The date based Delay and Expiration shortcode tags (before and after) work against the “real” date of the post – not when it became available to a member if dripped.  Further explanation:  If you posted dated a post so that it becomes visible to a member 1 week after joining your site, these tags placed in this post will work off the publish date, not when the content becomes visible to the reader.  This means, that these tags kind of have limited use when posted within dripped pages/posts…
  • If you are planning to use pages in your dripped content, you really need to add some kind of plugin that will let you assign categories to pages.  By default, WordPress only has categories on posts, not pages.  Since much of the power of WPDrip comes from assigning categories in a thoughtful way, you want to be able to add them to pages.
  • You cannot use the shortcode “wpdrip-days” in a nested post called using the “wpdrip-post” shortcode.  The days shortcode will just end up being treated as plain text.

I will leave you with those 5 pointers for now and will follow up with more in an additional post.  Hope my explanations make sense and help.  If you have a question about any of these – email me at

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