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ACT! Data Synchronization “Flight Manual”

Making sure you and your team have your data – ALL of your data – within easy reach while out of the office is a critical component of an effective CRM strategy.
While smartphones make nice for address books, having your real CRM software within reach is what makes you and your team stand apart from your competitors – leave them to brag about their phones.   Meanwhile, your you and your team are racking up the sales!

Sage knows this, and that is why ACT!’s synchronization capabilities are world-class.  ACT! sync has a 20 year pedigree, so it’s safe to say these guys know a thing or two about what companies like yours need for real remote access.

This “Flight Manual” program provides you everything you need for designing and putting in play an effective ACT! sync process.

Upon completing this program, you will know:

  • how ACT! sync works and what it offers you.
  • when it makes sense to implement ACT! sync.
  • what the technical requirements are.
  • what additional remote access options the ACT! system offers.
  • how to manage and maintain a “happy” ACT! sync setup for all of your mobile users.
  • steps you can take to try to get a “broken” ACT! sync setup back online.

You will receive a step-by-step outline for setting up and implementing ACT! synchronization.  No more guessing!

  • This program is specifically targeted for executives and professionals – and their technical staff – who find themselves:
    • Wondering if ACT! synchronization is a good fit for their team’s needs.
    • Wanting to understand potential alternatives to ACT! sync.
    • Feeling unsure regarding what ACT! data sync is and how to set it up.
    • Are using ACT! data sync but are not sure if it is setup correctly or are having problems with it.
    • Knowing they are committed to never-ending, ongoing improvement in their sales efforts!
  • This program includes the following components:
    • “Giving ‘Road Warriors’ Remote Access” – program intro video
      Benefit:  Learn the benefits to your team of empowring them with all of the tools they need while traveling and selling
    • “What is ACT! synchronization and Where Does It Fit in Our Overall CRM Strategy?” – video discussion and templates
      Benefit:  You will gain a clear understanding of what ACT! sync is, when it is a good solution, and when you would be better served by other options.  Further, you will learn what to consider when considering creating an ACT! sync system.
    • “Dotting the Is and Crossing the Ts” – discussion about ACT! sync requirements and ensuring that your environment can best support your ACT! sync users.
    • “ACT! Sync Cheat Sheet” – Have the most important sync tips handy in one place
  • ACT! Sync Flight Manual – $179  (This web based program is scheduled to go live in Ocotber 2012.)

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What Our Clients Say…

Scott carefully and thoroughly answers any questions about our CRM software. He can word complex material in a simple fashion and takes the time to make sure I understand every step.
Dorrie ChelakCustomer Service/Sales Support at Efco Products, Inc.
Scott is always up front about what he can do. He has great integrity and talent, and is a real pleasure to work with.
Cindy Herrmann, partnerMogul Marketing
M. Scott has been a great asset to a number of CompuWorks’ clients. He is an expert in CRM systems and we don’t hesitate to call Scott in when one of our clients has a need in this area. Scott is able to translate business goals and capabilities into software solutions built on industry standard platforms, customized to the specific needs of the client. And he provides the training and follow up support so vital to success.
Al Bauman, ownerCompuWorks
Quality, value, getting the job done and always with a smile are keys to great success. All the reasons I continue to work with M. Scott and his company. He has helped my business incorporate technology to propel us to the next level. I highly recommend M. Scott for his consulting expertise.
Rachel Sloan, CRPC, PresidentSloan Advisory Group