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Executive CRM Success Bootcamp


As a busy executive, for you to see the increased profits and more effective sales process you desire, it’s absolutely crucial for you to know what’s important, what’s not, and who to position where!

This program will guide you through the tough questions and give you the confidence to make an accurate assessment of the ACT! system and what your organization needs to do to achieve accelerated results.


This program is specifically targeted for businesses owners fitting these qualifications:

  • Is managing a sales team of 3 to 15 (includes sales reps and administrative support personnel).
  • Is evaluating Sage ACT! as to it’s fitness as a potential solution OR has already purchased ACT! but has seen no significant progress.
  • Is committed to making an enlightened CRM process part of the day-to-day culture of their organization.
  • Appreciates that results come from both technical and strategic actions and decisions, not merely by purchasing a system.


Benefits You Will Achieve From Attending This Bootcamp:

  • Earn more money while working fewer hours.
  • Feel confident in new CRM skills to build better relationships with your customers.
  • Have the knowledge to make informed technology choices for your business that generate more profits.
  • Enjoy being more in control of your daily activities knowing you are working toward your most important goals.


This camp includes the following components:

  • 9 video guides covering each module of the Sage ACT! CRM system along with insights on how correctly implementing each tool will yield significant improvements to your firm.  Benefit:  You are empowered to design an effective CRM strategy for your company.
  • “My CRM Goals and Milestones” worksheet.
    Benefit: Achieve clarity for your sales and marketing goals during the next 12 months.
  • “Picking the Right People for the Job” – Video and worksheets
    Benefit:  You can have all of your tech cards in order, but if you task the wrong person with responsibilities they can’t handle, you entire CRM project becomes a house of cards and falls down around your ears.  This module of your bootcamp will guide you in making  wise choices when delegating pieces of your ACT! CRM project.
  • Data Access and Security Considerations – video and checklist
  • “Top Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing CRM” instructional materials detailing how to avoid common – and costly – pitfalls most small businesses make during implementation.
    Benefit:  This module alone will return many times over the cost of your bootcamp!  Save yourself $1000s by being guided through dangerous waters while your competitors get stuck.
  • “My Top 5 CRM Worries” Questionnaire and one-on-one phone review with CRM Success Plans’ lead CRM analyst.
    Benefit: You won’t be flying solo.  This private, one-on-one session with CRM Success Plans’ senior CRM architect will give you answers to the thorny questions that are keeping you up at night.
  • Optional:  One-on-one laser coaching, special bootcamp graduate savings.

Receive These Fast Action Bonuses :

  • Fast Action Bonus #1:  PDF transcripts from all program videos. – $149 value
  • Fast Action Bonus #2:  MP3 recording of your private “Top 5 CRM Worries” coaching session – listen to your personalized coaching as often as you need! – $79 value
  • Fast Action Bonus #3:  Save up to $250 on Sage ACT! software purchases made within 6 months of program enrollment – $250 value

Bootcamp Bonus value total: $478

Executive CRM Strategies Bootcamp Tuition:  just $314

(The Executive’s ACT! 2013 Strategy Bootcamp is scheduled to go live November 2012)

Ensure your success!  Add 90 days of the “Executive Laser Mentor”:

  • Unlimited email access for strategic and best-practices discussion.
  • Bi-weekly call-in sessions for one-on-one answers to your pressing questions.

$149 value – just $89 when purchased with your bootcamp admission!


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