Swiftpage ACT CRM Consultants 2013 Database Field Manual:

The Contact Relationship Tab

Buried amongst the tabs along the bottom of your Swiftpage ACT contact screen is an interesting one you may have missed – “Relationships”.

(If you are a long time ACT! user – ACT! 2008 or earlier – you won’t have this function, it was added as part of the Service Pack 1 update to ACT! 2009.  
 If you are on ACT! 2009 SP1 or later AND you upgraded your ACT! database from an older version – in other words, not a newly created database, you will not see the Relationships tab until you edit your Contact layout(s) in the ACT! layout designer and add the tab to the layout.  See this ACT! knowledgebase article for instruction on doing so.)

The name pretty much explains what it is about:  “How is this contact related to another?”  When you step back and think about, without the Relationships tab, there really isn’t any good place to record the fact the Jim Smith is a client of Judy Webster’s CPA firm…

You could create a note, but you would have to make one for each contact.  You also would probably have to go hunting for the information too, as this is just one more note nestled with all the rest.

The Swiftpage ACT! CRM Relationships tab makes this a whole lot simpler and efficient:

Swiftpage ACT! CRM Consultants 2013 Database Field Manual:  Using the Relationship Tab in ACT! CRM

Tracking those otherwise invisible relationships between your contacts and clients becomes a snap when you use the Swiftpage ACT! CRM Relationships tab

1) Lookup either contact.

2) Go to the Relationships tab, right click and choose “Relate Contact…”

3) Select the other contact from the contact drop down list and do the same with the relationship definitions drop downs (you can edit the list to fit your business).  Optionally add any relevant details in the Details memo field.

4)  Click OK.

You just created a “relationship” that shows on the Relationships tab of both contacts.  And the cool thing that you could never do with a note:  The contact names in the tab are “hotlinks” – clicking the name instantly jumps you over to the related contact.  Click again to come back!

A parting note for the field manual:  As it stands as of ACT! 2013, you cannot report on the relationships using ACT!’s standard report engine.  You also cannot see a list of all the relationships in the system across multiple contacts.  The only view into the relationship data unless you can script up some SQL queries in the dashboard or purchase an addon such as Topline Dashboard is from the tab on the contact records themselves.  Oh well.  You can’t have everything!

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