The Difference Between “Busy” and “Too Busy”…

I found myself musing about the difference between “too busy” and “busy”.  Seems minor, yet the differing outcomes are drastic.

Do you have someone in your office who constantly tells anyone who is in earshot how “busy” and overwhelmed they are?  Seems that there is one in every office.

Conversely, every office also has the individual who is obviously busy but quietly just keeps plugging away, all the while knocking items off the to-do list like nobody’s business.

When you need help, which one do you go to?The “too busy” person will immediately respond “I’m too busy!  I can’t possibly get that done in time.  I have to do this for Joe and Dave wants this by Friday and…” and on it goes.

On the other hand, the “busy” worker will typically say something like: “Sure, just put it on my desk.”  By tomorrow morning it’s likely finished, whereas had you left it with “Too Busy”, when you ask about it 3 days later, they let you know that they were “just finishing it up”.


Busy or “Too Busy”?

Much wider difference than you’d think.

Which one are you?

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