This can help you gain momentum with your online marketing…

So, you have come to the conclusion – perhaps against your will! – that creating content and being involved in some of the social media sites is something that will be good for your business.

An initial reaction that many have when embarking – or attempting to – on this project is: OVERWHELM.

Where to start?

Where to focus?

How often to blog or tweet or share on Facebook?

I won’t get into what in this article.

In any case, there is a ton of advice out there about the supposed “recipes” or formulas.  Much of it may be accurate, much of it may be well intentioned.

The problem is that these don’t help with your feeling of overwhelm.

I want to float an idea that might help.  It is not going to magically do the work for you, and it is not intended to replace a “plan”.

Very simply:  Create a calendar of what you do.  A log of your online actions.  It doesn’t have to be on a calendar – but I think the visual of a calendar really helps with context of what you did and when.  This helps you track the “impacts” you get from your actions.  (Think:  I tweeted 24 times last week, and I gained 5 new followers…  Remember:  One of the really cool things about online marketing is that you can actually SEE what your efforts are creating!  How much better is that then sending out a postal mailing, and never knowing if they looked at the website or not?  Don’t limit your expectations by the “old school” methods…)

So, here’s what I suggest you try so as to help you get some “legs” under you and help diminish some of that “overhwhelm”:

1) Print a monthly calendar sheet from your CRM system – just a blank one to use only for this purpose.

2) Take some measurements and log them on the correct date of your calendar:  How many twitter followers?  How many “fans” on your Facebook page?  How many links to your site showing on Alexa?  What is your Klout score?  How many indexed pages on Google?  (Yes – I know, there is a ton of other stats that you can look at – these are the one I use because they are quick and easy.  And, we’re just trying to get started here – we don’t want to bog you done with too much.  You want to walk before you run.)

3) Do something!  Write a blog post.  Or retweet/share some relevant articles… (This is a quick, easy way to get rolling – people appreciate it when you send a good article.)  Stumble an article.  Pin something on Pinterest.

4) Put it on your calendar.

5) After you have completed some actions online for a couple of days, check in on your measurements as listed in#2…  How are you doing?  Have you gained Facebook fans, increased your Klout score, added Twitter followers…?

I think you will find that as you see results, it is going to motivate you to keep striving to gain online momentum!

Be well!

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