Are You B2B? Here’s Why Your Blog Does Matter

Been busily devouring a new book on B2B blogs and marketing: “The B2B Social Media Book” by Kipp Bodnar and Jeffrey Cohen.  This is their latest work, just out.  These guys know their stuff (Bodnar works at Hubspot, Cohen for Radian6) and they give you clear cut action steps along with the reasons why it matters.

Last night as I was preparing to turn off the light, in the book’s chapter on improving your small company’s online “reach”, I came across the section entitled “Remarkable and Frequent Content Fuels Reach”.

B2B Blogs When Nurtured Earn Nice Dividends for Their Owners

"My B2B blog has afforded me a comfortable life style. How can I return the favor?"

They postulate that getting found on the web is like a lottery – the person who has 100 tickets has a much greater chance to winning than does the person with just 1 ticket.

They continue: “Content creation is the underbelly of the beast that is social media…  Great and frequent content  creation makes up for a lack of mastery of social media tools.” (Italics and bold – mine.)

Further:  “Half of being great at social media marketing is knowing how to tell a great story on the web; the other half is having the discipline and the resolve to create content day after day, week after week, and month after month.”

That may seem a pretty big assertion.

But they have the numbers to back it up…

Guess how many leads a company with 60 or fewer Google indexed pages in their B2B blog gets on average per month?  Guess…


Tell a friend...

Ok, maybe you would say that’s not so bad, being that the entrepreneur’s investment in the website is on the light side.

However, if that same small company were to invest in beefing up the content of their website – a blog being the primary tool for this – such that they had 311 or more Google indexed pages, what happens to their monthly average inbound leads?

It is 74 leads per month resulting simply from having the content on the site!

That is a factor 15.  That is the difference between 60 leads a year versus 888!

Do you think you might be able to close more business from 888 leads than from 60?  I sure hope so.  Remember too, these are people who initially came to you because of what they were doing on the web, searching for what they needed, what was of interest to them.  Are these leads already pre-qualified?  You bet.

What I found to be even more interesting – and strengthens the case for gaining “reach” via your blog (and other social media) – is that the progression of the number of leads is not linear in an fashion.  A company with 60 or fewer Google indexed pages is seeing on average 5 new leads each month.  Moving the number of pages into the 60 to 120 page range does not double the number of leads.  These companies are typically seeing just 7 leads per month.  A 100% + growth in content yields approximately 40% improvement in the number of inbound leads from the website.

If your page were to have from 121 to 175 indexed pages, what do you think we’ll see in the number of leads generated?  Although 175 is just about 3 times the number of 60, on average these companies are still seeing just 12 leads per month.  So we’re at least 39% of the way toward our pinnacle of 311+ pages, yet we are still only getting 16% as many leads…

In the final stage on the way toward 311+ indexed pages on a B2B company’s site, a company website with anywhere from 176 to 310 pages, Bodnar and Cohen report that those sites were generating still not even half the number leads, not even a third.  A site with 300 indexed pages by Google was still yielding, on average, just 22 leads per month.

The magic starts to happen, for whatever reason, at 311 pages…

B2B Blog Take-aways:

  • Make sure that your blog and your web site are on the same domain.
  • Have a pool of approximately 50 keywords relevant to your market which you use as the primary topic guide for any individual blog post.
  • Write blog posts consistently.  If you do, 300+ pages is not that far off.
  • Create a content creation schedule to help you reach your goals.  Stick to it!

Always remember, your blog articles are forever.  The investment in time today will still be paying you dividends in the way of “reach” for years to come.  You can’t say that for print advertising!


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